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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Huib on Urban Travel: Liverpool 2 13/11

Huib on Urban Travel – Liverpool 2 13/11/05 17h41

No wonder, that the Liverpool waterfront resembles bombed German cities! It was heavily bombed itself by the Germans during the ‘Blitz’ 1940-41.
Queen Victoria’s monument in the City centre was, at a given moment, the only construction that still stood on the Liverpuldian hill.

Only now, 65 years later, some parts on the slope of the hill that is turned to the Merseyside are being renovated or rebuilt with (horrible) new developments.

The seaports along the river Mersey, with their proud and opulent nineteenth century warehouses, the Port-Of-Liverpool-Building like a Babylonian palace and its two Sisters (Cunard Line and Liver Assurance) and the Albert Dock with rosy pillars all around – they escaped destruction, apparently.

I went around on foot, this afternoon, saw a Blitz Museum, a Beatles Museum and a Museum of the Liverpool People. In bookshops, I learnt of the tribal origins of the city (‘Scouse’), and saw, how Irish it has become. Chinese live in a Chinatown ghetto.
Along the river walk is a monument for the many seamen who perished during the convoying to and from the United States in the First and Second World Wars. To the left of it, is a Belgian monument, commemorating the same for Belgians, to the right a Dutch one, but –of course- for the Second War, alone.

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