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Thursday, June 28, 2007

'Square Root or Death': Kaczinsky-Poland keeps course

Sad. Who could have believed, only two or three years ago, that we should be counting the sequels of intra-European wars of the twentieth century in regard to demography, in order to get the right number of votes for every country in the European council?
Well, nothing more realistic than surrealism.

France and the UK lost about 20 million young men in the First World War (1914-1918). The ensuing demographic effect is stunning. Until 1940, those countries lost tens of millions of potential babies. The consequences are felt even now. Are France of the UK asking for compensation in vote-power within the European Union?

Poland, a historical victim of three partitions between Russia, Prussia and the Austrian Empire, and, as it says, bereft of 28 millions of its 66 million potential, by Germany during the Second World War, is certainly one of the European countries who may feel themselves a victim of history. Of history. Not (exclusively) of Germany.

Today's Germany is inhabited by 90% of people who were not yet born, or were small children in 1945. Generations grew up in a democratic society, living with the loss of parents, wealth, happiness, caused to the people as a whole, by carpet-bombings, forced military service, hunger and distress. Should Poland get favours at their cost? And, at the cost of 25 other European countries, who had nothing to do with Nazism or are victims themselves?

In "L'Europe Chez Soi" and "TotoLePsycho" (French) [Arithmétique polonaise (et néerlandaise)], two days ago, I dissected the outrageous Kaczinsky position. Culminating point: The three million Polish Jews who died prematurely during the World War, not only at the hands of Nazis, but with the willing and sometimes very enthusiastic collaboration of... Poles. An antisemitic tradition that was continued in the 1945/46 Polish pogroms against returning Jews and the 1956 antisemitic turn in the regime, that caused a further emigration of many of the remaining Polish Jews. Are they counted, too, within the 28 million extrapolation?

The Kaczinsky twins régime continues its outrageous claiming (EU-Observer 27.6.07):

Polish PM ups ante in Germany war talk

27.06.2007 - 11:02 CET | By Andrew Rettman
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The Polish government has compared modern Germany to the pre-WWII Weimar Republic, continuing the hostile rhetoric which erupted in the run-up to last week's EU summit and which shows no sign of abating ahead of next month's formal negotiations on a new treaty.

Reacting to a German newspaper remark about "the square root of the dead" - a reference to Polish claims that EU votes should take count of war losses - prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski issued a warning to Europe.
"Something bad is happening in Germany. As in historic days gone by when most Europeans were too afraid to talk, so it is today," he said on Tuesday's (26 June) "Sygnaly Dnia" national radio show.
As a Dutch national, and having lived under German occupation, I feel, I am rather sensible to German pretensions. I cannot stand them. But what I am seeing here, is not a complaint of hurt cultural and national feelings, but pure and naked revanchism.

I understand Polish fears. The modern (XVI-XX) history of the Netherlands is one of subtle balancing between the three European "big" powers, ending, after 1945, into an absolute reddition to the new dominating power in (Western) Europe: the US. Poland is trying to do the same. In spite of its deceptions in Iraq and with the hosting of CIA torture centers, it counts on the US, only the US, for safety.

In my view, it should understand, that there will be no safety for Poland, without a strong Europe, that has its own defense and energy policy. But, in stead of furthering such a policy (against the classic powers) together with the smaller European countries, Poland is blocking or trying to block, any possible progress in those domains. Look at what they are after: a blocking-, a debilitating-, power (EUObs.):
"The dispute is whether this [the reasonable delay when a national Parliament opposes a common European decision] is after three months or two years. We agreed two years," he [Jaroslav Kaczinsky] said. "Two years is a long time. Any body who has this possibility [to delay EU moves] will be treated seriously."
The English (regrettably) simply opted out, leaving it to the other 26 to squabble or to go forward. The Polish stand is: sabotage.

Is it a mere coincidence, that this is exactly what the US (neoconservative) right is hoping for?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A German Mouthpiece for Hirsi Ali and Daniel Pipes: Udo Ulfkotte

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte is a German security expert. Trained as a lawyer, he serves business and security agencies like the American NSA in the anti-spy sector.
He and his front organisations like "PAX-Europe" were some time busy attacking "greens, leftists, reds, and islamist fundamentalists". Recently, he put his activities into a higher gear, following instructions from Hirsi Ali and her friends (see my Daniel Pipies Rallies his Friends against Islam and Eurabia in A Legal Alien in New York - 11.6.07), declaring outright that "Islam" as such is undermining Europe (creating a phantomatic "Eurabia"). He might have been inspired by Dutch ex-conservative-liberal Geert Wilders, who, with a similar one-issue program, won 10 seats in the 150-strong national Parliament in The Hague.

The Dutch international Public Radio Programme's Blog section carries (13.6.07) a contribution by its Berlin correspondent Laurens Bovens, that we reproduce here:

(RNW - Radio Nederland Wereldomroep Logo)

'German Wilders' attacks Islam

by Laurens Bovens


Just like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, a politician has appeared in Germany who is warning against "a tsunami of Islamisation." His name is Udo Ulfkotte, a former journalist who has often made appearances on German Television programmes as an expert on Islam. But Mr Ulfkotte has turned over a new leaf. He is working on the formation of a political party. A party that is to defend Christian values in Germany and Europe against what he regards as the increasing influence of radical Islam.

Udo Ulfkotte (Photo from own website )

Cheers go up when Udo Ulfkotte declares: "I am not with the left, I am not with the right, I am with the Lord God"He casts his eyes upward. Mr Ulfkotte is a confirmed Christian, but one who belongs to a movement that believes living together with Muslims is practically impossible. "European values are those of the Judeo-Christian tradition: peace, freedom, democracy and tolerance."

"Muslims are different, they are from a different tradition. This is clearly demonstrated at many schools in the Netherlands and Germany by the extent to which children are willing to use violence. Muslims are in many ways different from Europeans."

Fifty people have come to attend Udo Ulfkotte's lecture in an out-of-the-way hall in a poor Berlin district. This is where the fledgling politician, who travels far and wide and also lectures abroad, tells his tale for the umpteenth time. Just like Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders did before him, he talks of a tsunami of Islamisation. Mr Ulfkotte means to say that European governments are too easily swayed to give in to the demands of radical Muslims. Where will that lead? Mr Ulfkotte goes through a long list of examples:

He claims that Germany allows polygamy among Muslims. And that some swimming pools have introduced separate opening hours for Muslims and non-Muslims. He asks himself why 'we' accept that some parents do not have their children innoculated.

Mr Ulfkotte does not limit himself to Germany. The Netherlands is up next: "Amsterdam has cancelled education on rural life" he says, because pigs were part of the discussion during these classes and that was an affront to Muslim schoolchildren. Mr Ulfkotte claims the affair escalated to the point where the curriculum was changed.

It's an example of how he only tells half the story. Yes, there was one school in Amsterdam where this occurred, but Mr Ulfkotte fails to mention that the Amsterdam authorities were furious about the incident. A spokesperson for the responsible councillor says this must never happen again because you cannot solve problems that way.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders, another critic of the Islamic culture

Political party
Mr Ulfkotte says he has around 500 supporters and has plans to form a political party, the name of which is yet to be revealed. He says he has no intention of sitting in parliament, but hopes to pressure other parties into adopting his programme and turning against Islamisation in Germany. "If that doesn't happen, I hope we will be strong enough to do it ourselves", he says.

His audience likes what he has to say. His words are frequently interrupted by applause, and afterwards several people say they have learned something. But not everybody is pleased. Two Muslim students from the Berlin Free University are also listening to his speech and later accuse Ulfkotte of being racist. "He tries to paint an evil picture of Islam and conducts a witch hunt against Islam."
Radical Islam

She disputes that Mr Ulfkotte is only denouncing radical Islam. According to her, he makes Muslims in general appear in a bad light. "He is peddling conspiracy theories here."She compares Mr Ulfkotte to the far-right NPD. "It would be dangerous if he formed a party." Which could happen in the coming weeks, ahead of the 2009 p[arliamentary] election.
A Dutch listener commenting on this article from Australia, however, is fully convinced of Wilders', Ali's and Pipes' 'Eurabia' myth:

Maarten Hoogesteger, 14-06-2007 - Australia

Hooray that someone with a bit of commonsense is finally raising their voice. About time. I have watch with incredulity as Europe hands over their continent to a bunch of stark raving mad desert dwellers. European politicians who allowed this to happen should be put on trial for treason and for aiding and abetting an enemy. Shame on them.

Short, but everything is in it:

  • the 'collapse' of Europe (continent 'handed over')
  • racism: 'a bunch of raving mad desert dwellers' (does he know, that the germanic tribes came once from the central Asian steppes?)
  • and the "treason" by the 'Left' - our concentration camps are under preparation...
A second commenter, however, sees it otherwise:
This [softening of Christian fundamentalism through Enlightenment, HR] is therefore no justification to claim moral high ground over Islamic Jihadists. This "Judeo-Christian tradition" is only interesting for historians but not for politicians. If Udo Ulfkotte is defending Christian values in Germany and Europe, than he is by default someone I distrust.
And so do I.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ajaan Hirsi Ali in Sydney: A Controversial look at Islam

Page 2 of the Pepperdine Public School full Catalog for 2006/2007. Daniel Pipes is 'visiting Professor' there from Jan. 1, 2007. In spite of the Pepperdine commitment to traditional values (which explicitly includes support for "mosques" (!)), Pipes managed to get it to host his extremist international conference against Islam and 'Eurabia'. This venerable institution that doesn't hide, as you can see, it's staunch belief "That God is uniquely revealed in Christ" (third slogan on the picture). Will Ayaan Hirsi Ali feel at home there?

Before taking a plane to California, to attend on June 10/11, 2007 the "Collapse Of Europe?" conference with Daniel Pipes (see next post), Ayaan Hirsi Ali stayed in Sydney, Australia. Her Dutch website reports about her new instance of ranting about Islam, down under, citing the Sydney Times:

Times Writers Group: 'Infidel' gives controversial look at Islam

Source: Times/St. Cloud

Islam needs to veer away from these radical fundamentalists using religion as their vehicle to control their millions of followers, according to controversial political figure Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Ali, whose autobiography "Infidel," was published earlier this year, says today's fundamentalist Muslims preach hate and violence as a tenet of their religion and insist on total control of half of their own population — women.

While Ali acknowledges Islamic leaders did teach such positive lessons as being compassionate and showing charity to others, too often this approach was overshadowed by the vengeance, anger and control preached in the Islamic holy book, the Quran.

As Ali says of this document ... "the Quran is not a holy document. It is a historical record, written by humans. It is one version of events, as perceived by the men who wrote it 150 years after the Prophet Muhammad died. And it is a very tribal and Arab version of events. It spreads a culture that is brutal, fixated on controlling women, and harsh in war."

[The '150 years afterwards' proposition is what Daniel Pipes, the well known US Islam-basher, maintains in his books and articles. He even says, he is not sure if Mohammed ever existed. Having been appointed by president Bush in 2002 as president of the American Peace Institute, he pleads for an 'inevitable' preventive WAR of the West against Islam. Ayaan agrees also with Pipes, that "moderate" Islam (like the AKP-version in Turkey) is even more "dangerous" than the fanatic and extremist currents of Wahhabism and Al-Qaeda, for instance.

Even if Muslims are loyal to Western laws and attitudes, they do so, in the view of Ali and Pipes, only to be able to impose afterwards Sharia laws "by surprise". The Malibu international Conference at the Pepperdine University is so extremist, that is only tacitly supported by the Neoconservatives. A closed session on Monday June 11 is going to distribute American taxpayers money among Ayaan and her friends from Germany, France and Holland, in order to 'counter' Islam in 'Eurabia' and its "EU-bureaucracy".

The latter is declared an "enemy combatant", because of the fact, that the EU recently warned against a military coup in Turkey against the elected Turkish Government. For a more close look at the fundamentalist Christian Pepperdine University, Daniel Pipes, his "Campus watch" against Islam and the composition of the group of keynote-participants from Europe, see next post.]

The Sydney Times continues:

Ali says the West cannot continue to tolerate behavior among her people that it would not allow among fellow Westerners.

Then, as usual, the 'Dhimmis' are being attacked:

"In reality, these Westerners [who say, that most Muslims would not even think of re-creating seventh century Mecca in Europe, HR] misunderstand Islam. The Quran mandates these punishments. It gives legitimate basis for abuse so that perpetrators feel no shame and are not hounded by their conscience or their community. ..."

And then, she says something that makes the Neoconservatives very uneasy:

On a broader scale, she says the kind of thinking in today's Islamic countries "is incompatible with human rights and liberal values." It's as if the most radical Christian fundamentalists were running the Western world on the beliefs of the seventh century and insisting the rest of the world had to join them in this approach.
For, as you will know, the NeoCons lean exclusively on just that kind of Christian fundamentalist support. Support from people who believe in earnest, that all prescriptions of the Bible (written down from the 3rd century BC on to the 2nd after JC) have to be followed by the letter. The racist and thundering Reverends of the Mid-West are the "mass movement" without which they would shrink into a marginal, exotic sect of world-dominance dreamers.

That is why the neoConservatives keep their distance from people like Hirsi Ali and Christopher Hitchens (who adores Hirsi Ali, but loathes Pipes). But , as you never can know if they will serve somehow, somewhen their dream of an "American Century", they facilitate, from behind the screens, their playing with some money from the State Department (Peace Institute) and the Pentagon (Disinformation Program, started by Douglas Feith), in order to undermine Europe, stop Islamic modernization and leave a free hand to the US in the Middle East.

The Aussies got their first taste of it this week. More agitation and disinformation is in stock for them.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

US embassy in Baghdad: We caused "expletives" in the State department and an order to remove the images from the Bechtel-Berger Website!

An AP press release, relayed by CNN today (June 1, 2007):

Web site offers too much detail on new U.S. Embassy

Story Highlights:

• Architectural firm posts detailed plans for U.S. Embassy being built in Baghdad
• State Department says images "detract" from security of new embassy
• Company says they were "conjectural" and you'd learn more from Google Earth
• Images were removed from Web site Thursday at State Department's request
But on this blog, they were published in full! (See yesterday's "Pharaonic US Embassy in Baghdad"). Here is one of them:
[Marine guards US Deputy Ambassador's villa in Baghdad. Computer drawing (design phase) from BTY website.]

We did not intend to do harm to US security. Really! Our post about the "Pharaonic US embassy in Baghdad" (29.5.07) was about its "hybris", its provocative grandeur and aloofness. Not about it's security provisions.
We deemed it a symbol of the new US "isolationism", an aggressive isolationism for export.

Just like the Project for an American Century of the NeoCons imagined it.

But, let us not exaggerate: Very few (too few!) people read "Legal Alien". Some more "At Home in Europe", and, practically nobody "huibslog", the very new comprehensive blog, I publish on another network than "". It is difficult to imagine, that these marginal blogs caused such a "shock and awe" in the State Department...

Sudden nervous visiting from Washington on my blogs...
However... After publication of the drawings of the Kansas BTY Bureau in my blogs, I saw, on my monitoring site 'Motigo', some nervous visitors' movements from Washington and California on my 'blogger'-related websites. But not on "huibslog". I should work at my Technorati and Google ratings for that last blog...

In short, I think, that the main cause of the panic was the blog post by Tom Engelhardt, in the Tomdispatch Blog, a widely read anti-MSM publication, that also served as my link to the BTY drawings.

Tomdispatch blog did not publicize the images. Engelhardt only ridiculed them in a delicious way. I DID look them up and posted them here, with my comments and those of the BTY-Bechtel firm.

So, if I am not mistaken, this blog is now one of the few places in the world, where curious people (people who got curious because of the panicky Washington move), may see, copy and transfer those very dangerous images!

It was not at all my intention, to deliver blueprints for would-be attackers of the buildings! I am a peace-minded, anti-violence person. I loathe the Al Qaeda terrorists as much as I hate the racist protagonists of a "Clash Of Civilizations".

Much ado about nothing
In earnest: I do not think that the computer-generated drawings will learn anything new to evil people. That is also the opinion of US experts. (AP:)

Berger Devine Yaeger's parent company, the giant contractor Louis Berger Group, said the plans had been very preliminary and would not be of help to potential U.S. enemies.

"The actual information that was up there was purely conjectural and conceptual in nature," said Louis Berger spokesman Jeffrey Willis. "Google Earth could give you a better snapshot of what the site looks like on the ground."

But that is not the view of the secretive Washington administration of today:


Some U.S. officials acknowledged that damage may have been done by the postings and used expletives to describe their personal reactions, but downplayed the overall risk posed.

In translation, that means, that self-imposed secretive rules have been broken by stupidity (hence the 'expletives'), but that, the 'officials' personally think, that it is much ado about nothing. Look:

"People are eventually going to figure out where all these places are, but you don't have to draw them a map," said one senior official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak about the embassy project.

The construction site in Baghdad is under heavy guard and treated with extreme secrecy. It is off-limits to all but those with special passes, surrounded by tall, concrete blast walls and impossible to see except from the air.

And, as if to refute this last statement AP and CNN publish this photo of the construction site:

If I am guilty of divulging US State secrets, then I am in excellent company!

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