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Thursday, June 28, 2007

'Square Root or Death': Kaczinsky-Poland keeps course

Sad. Who could have believed, only two or three years ago, that we should be counting the sequels of intra-European wars of the twentieth century in regard to demography, in order to get the right number of votes for every country in the European council?
Well, nothing more realistic than surrealism.

France and the UK lost about 20 million young men in the First World War (1914-1918). The ensuing demographic effect is stunning. Until 1940, those countries lost tens of millions of potential babies. The consequences are felt even now. Are France of the UK asking for compensation in vote-power within the European Union?

Poland, a historical victim of three partitions between Russia, Prussia and the Austrian Empire, and, as it says, bereft of 28 millions of its 66 million potential, by Germany during the Second World War, is certainly one of the European countries who may feel themselves a victim of history. Of history. Not (exclusively) of Germany.

Today's Germany is inhabited by 90% of people who were not yet born, or were small children in 1945. Generations grew up in a democratic society, living with the loss of parents, wealth, happiness, caused to the people as a whole, by carpet-bombings, forced military service, hunger and distress. Should Poland get favours at their cost? And, at the cost of 25 other European countries, who had nothing to do with Nazism or are victims themselves?

In "L'Europe Chez Soi" and "TotoLePsycho" (French) [Arithmétique polonaise (et néerlandaise)], two days ago, I dissected the outrageous Kaczinsky position. Culminating point: The three million Polish Jews who died prematurely during the World War, not only at the hands of Nazis, but with the willing and sometimes very enthusiastic collaboration of... Poles. An antisemitic tradition that was continued in the 1945/46 Polish pogroms against returning Jews and the 1956 antisemitic turn in the regime, that caused a further emigration of many of the remaining Polish Jews. Are they counted, too, within the 28 million extrapolation?

The Kaczinsky twins régime continues its outrageous claiming (EU-Observer 27.6.07):

Polish PM ups ante in Germany war talk

27.06.2007 - 11:02 CET | By Andrew Rettman
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The Polish government has compared modern Germany to the pre-WWII Weimar Republic, continuing the hostile rhetoric which erupted in the run-up to last week's EU summit and which shows no sign of abating ahead of next month's formal negotiations on a new treaty.

Reacting to a German newspaper remark about "the square root of the dead" - a reference to Polish claims that EU votes should take count of war losses - prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski issued a warning to Europe.
"Something bad is happening in Germany. As in historic days gone by when most Europeans were too afraid to talk, so it is today," he said on Tuesday's (26 June) "Sygnaly Dnia" national radio show.
As a Dutch national, and having lived under German occupation, I feel, I am rather sensible to German pretensions. I cannot stand them. But what I am seeing here, is not a complaint of hurt cultural and national feelings, but pure and naked revanchism.

I understand Polish fears. The modern (XVI-XX) history of the Netherlands is one of subtle balancing between the three European "big" powers, ending, after 1945, into an absolute reddition to the new dominating power in (Western) Europe: the US. Poland is trying to do the same. In spite of its deceptions in Iraq and with the hosting of CIA torture centers, it counts on the US, only the US, for safety.

In my view, it should understand, that there will be no safety for Poland, without a strong Europe, that has its own defense and energy policy. But, in stead of furthering such a policy (against the classic powers) together with the smaller European countries, Poland is blocking or trying to block, any possible progress in those domains. Look at what they are after: a blocking-, a debilitating-, power (EUObs.):
"The dispute is whether this [the reasonable delay when a national Parliament opposes a common European decision] is after three months or two years. We agreed two years," he [Jaroslav Kaczinsky] said. "Two years is a long time. Any body who has this possibility [to delay EU moves] will be treated seriously."
The English (regrettably) simply opted out, leaving it to the other 26 to squabble or to go forward. The Polish stand is: sabotage.

Is it a mere coincidence, that this is exactly what the US (neoconservative) right is hoping for?

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