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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Anti-Europe Smear Campaign at Malibu: A Report (1)

Pepperdine: Mark Steyn, Hirsi Ali and Greg Davis
label European advocates of women's choice, freedom of religion and free choice of childbearing,
as criminal sponsors of a supposed Muslim conspiracy against the West!

From 'Legal Alien in New York' (29.6.07):

Oh my!
The Pepperdine 'Collapse Of Europe' Conference has been even more villain than I imagined! When I got to sleep, on the morning of June 12 (see: "Daniel Pipes rallies..." on this Blog), I couldn't know which depths of political depravity, hate and un-christian (and un-jewish) sadism I was going to discover during the next weeks. I set myself (interrupted by illness, which I will not impute to the virtual company I got into) to a systematical collection of data on the key-participants of the Conference, those from the US as well as from Europe.

Participants: A sickening collection of false prophets
Some of them I knew already from my home country, Holland (Ayaan, De Winter, Ellian). Others from Europe had already been dealt with by some friends in other European countries (Henryk Broder, Claire Berlinsky). But the personalities from North America I got to know here (Pipes, Steyn, Avi Davis, Horowitz [who was one of my favored historians, back in the sixties...], Greg Davis and rabbi David Baron, etq.....) - a sickening bunch of would-be prophets, ready to play into any McCarthyist campaign that promises some minutes of fame on Fox News!

A plot against European humanistic policies with American taxpayers' money
On top of that, I was able to find some reporting from the informal 11 June Conference. If I had any doubt in guessing, that this meeting was about financing hate- and smear-campaigns against Islam in Europe and in America and against the humanistic core of mainstream European Union policies, - well, I am free of any doubt about that now: The official, government-funded, 'American Freedom Alliance' of Avi Davis is going to support a policy of "advocacy" against muslims and Islam, in the US as well as in Europe.

Muslims and Muslim goods should carry a 'warning sticker'...
Amongst other things, it is going to promote a "precautionary principle" strategy in Europe, which means, as the Swiss lawyer Arnaud Dotézac (Lausanne, another participant in the meeting) proudly explains:
"Treat Islam and Muslims as if they were a dangerous product for consumers and put a legally obligatory warning sticker on any Mosque and Qur'an, saying that Islam contains illegal exhortation to Jihad." The reasoning behind this Nazi idea (they did the same to Jews after 1933) is, that the leftists and the greens used the same policy against tobacco products, which might put them into an awkward situation, when it will be proposed in Europe.

Hirsi Ali (together with the American Christian Right) against European abortion-, homosexuality- and protection of women policies!
Naive as I am, I originally thought, that Hirsi Ali would oppose the Steyn "reproductive activity" policies, i.e.: forcing women (women!) to give birth tho rosy-white christian babies to counter the Turk. (Ref: My earlier post on the Pepperdine Conference). But a post on an Israelian Indy Blog by one Dickerson, who assisted at the Monday June 11 meeting, confirms, that everybody there was outraged by the 1,2 birthrate per couple in Europe. This was, of course, another treason by the Left, who struggle to keep down the Arian birthrate by promoting homosexual marriages, abortion and other sexual depravities.
You can count on me, to come back to you with the full texts and sources for this extraordinary Pepperdine Conspiracy against Europe and against religious freedom!

Here is reproduced, fyI, Vik Rubenfeld's report from the Pepperdine (Malibu) Conference in his Blog "The Big Picture" (15.6.07, part I). Our comments and explanations are in red.

Conference on the Collapse of Europe: How Supremacy of Islam is Taught to Muslim Children

Last weekend I attended the international conference on the Collapse of Europe, organized by Avi Davis of the American Freedom Alliance, and the Council for Democracy and Tolerance, at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Avi Davis opens the Conference on the Collapse of Europe to a standing-room only crowd.

It was a remarkable event, with many of the leading authorities on the subject gathered together. It often seemed as though every sentence from each speaker was worthy of discussion in its own right. It can't possibly all be covered in a single blog post. This is the first in a series of articles (probably three or so in total) on the conference. All quotes are transcribed from audio recordings.

Following the keynote speech by Mark Steyn, Avi presented a panel featuring Greg Davis, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ibn Warraq, and Philippe Karsenty, moderated by Mark Steyn. (Bios).

For the preacher Greg Davis, the Canadian humorist Mark Steyn ('reproductive activity') and Hirsi Ali, see my article dated June 12. Ajaan Hirsi Ali is featured in many other posts in my blogs (see sidebar). Ibn Warraq is a creation of Daniel Pipes. The man is no Arab and his name is not Ibn Warraq. We'll come back on him, as well as on Philippe Karsenty, who is a pro-Israelian extremist in France and only taken seriously in the rightist American media. Curiously, he is opposed to anti-Islam policies, but that may have changed during the conference.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam is a political project. It is a supremacist movement. It has a three-tiered stage, and has always had that. And those stages - the first one is dawa, or missionary work, persuading individuals to agree with the basic tenets and principals of that political project. The second is hejira, or emigration - spreading the faith, by planting people who have been converted to the faith, in other areas. And finally there's the stage of jihad. And that, I don't have to tell you.

Ayaan is describing the phenomenon we are all beginning to become aware of. Islamists emigrate into an area, and once there in sufficient numbers, they begin threatening the public with riots and violence. They do this not by specific direction; that is, they don't, as the Mafia did, have leaders who identify specific targets for attack. Instead, they do this by general direction, as per the Koran, to be at war with non-Muslims in general. This effectively results in enough acts of violence because the Islamist culture is intentionally filled with hate for non-Muslims, so that there are always more than enough Islamists itching to do violence. The non-Islamic host culture is unused to such an attack. Arresting the specific perpetrators of violence doesn't solve the situation, since the Islamist culture always produces more violence-prone Islamists. The non-Islamic host culture typically has no systems in place to root out the Islamist culture that is attacking it. Blindsided, without thinking about the long-term implications, the non-Islamic host culture usually attempts to appease the Islamists by giving them more and more of whatever they demand, hoping that they will then abandon violence. But Islam doesn't seek co-existence; as Ayaan says, Islam is a political project. It seeks political domination and supremacy. In many cases the result is that the non-Islamic host culture is destroyed, in a manner comparable to a body attacked by cancer.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, at an afternoon panel.

This is a strategy that is brilliantly crafted to attack non-Islamic cultures. It has been developed and honed literally over centuries.

Imagine: An academic gathering of people who have read certainly hundreds of the thousands of books that have been written on the complex concept of 'culture', listening to this nonsense about a "political attack on non-islamic cultures". How can a culture be "attacked"? How many, very different, cultures, Islam has adapted to in its history? Confusion between culture, civilization, religion, traditions, philosophy and ideology! I guess, that the Pepperdine heroes soon will find an Islamic version of the "Protocols of the Wise of Zion", to underpin their racist fear- and hate-mongering!

And it's extremely effective, as seen in this example discussed by Mark Steyn (more examples follow below):

Mark Steyn: The marriage practices of one province in Pakistan, have become routine in northern English towns. People are sometimes bringing brides over who do not meet the legal age of consent in some of these countries and still marrying them, and living with them, and nobody does anything about it because of multi-cultural sensitivities.

Stop! Not the first lie by Steyn at this Conference. But here we are dealing with a fact. It is about Bradford in North-West England. The local authorities immediately acted and forced the family to abide by the law. We'll force this ridiculous humorist to retract.

Greg Davis noted the importance of awareness of the nature of Islam as a political project.

Greg Davis: Islam has never understood a distinction between the secular and the religious. It is really only in the West, only in Christian and post-Christian countries, where the separation between the political and the temporal - and the religious - became enshrined in a serious way, in civilization, and freedom of conscience and such things developed. This has never occurred in Islam. From the times of the prophet Mohammed, Islam was a political program - an imperialistic project. It was really, I think you could say, the first totalitarian global movement in history, far predating national Socialism, far predating Communism. It was an attempt - is an attempt - to reconstruct the world along what is imagined to be ideal lines, specific guidelines, statutes, given by Allah, by god himself, from his last, final, complete thought [expressed to] Mohammed. This is what we must understand first and foremost about Islam. It is more appropriate to think of Islam as akin to Communism, I would say, or national Socialism, than any religion that we are likely to be familiar with. If we do not understand this basic fact - if we cannot speak frankly about the danger, and identify it, and call it what it is, I think we don't have a very good chance of surviving.

The happily smiling preacher couple Greg and Amy Davis of the Churches of Christ Protestant congregation, the church of Pepperdine at its foundation in 1937.

Here, I will reveal a great Secret to the Minister and his wife: All "cultures", religions and states, even cities, were 'totalitarian' in all history and still are, but for a limited number of countries in West and East, where pluralism has been developed, starting in the later eighteenth century. Even now, in the United States of America, there are Protestant sects (I am not talking about the arch-totalitarian Roman Catholic Church) that are totalitarian. That is why the defense of pluralism, including the right to dissent and to believe privately anything you like, is so important in the struggle against totalitarianism. 'Multiculturalism' is not a weakness of treacherous European intellectuals, but a necessary concept, a proud concept, that is written into the great American Constitution. He who, as is being done at this conference, tries to suppress by way of Government (state) lawful and honest creeds and beliefs of his neighbors, is giving way to the most abject form of totalitarianism, that of a privately owned (by white Christians) state.


Well. Tomorrow we will listen to 'Ibn Warraq' and his ice-hockey parable. And meet other new friends. Our Warraq prophetizes Europe's collapse in 10 years, so we may still have some time to ponder his wisdom.

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