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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

European English Bookshop on HUIBSLOG

HUIBSLOG and the dedicated Blogs, like this one: At Home in Europe, are about reflexion. Going back and forth between the news and its backgrounds. Looking for integrity in reasoning and in research. This cannot be done without BOOKS.
Nothing beats a monograph. Prefer the original to the translation. Read, study and think for yourself. Avoid compilations with many authors. Trust your language skills. Get to the Original as close as you can!
English reading suggestions and an overview of English book reviews in Huibslog are on the Books in English Page.

For our European English readers, we have preferred as our partner. Why? Simple: Delivery costs are so much lower in Europe!
At NO extra cost for you, every purchase by way of the Online-shopping links in HUIBSLOG, helps it to survive.

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