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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dutch PVV MP Raymond de Roon condemns Iran opposition, because ... they are muslims!

November 2009. Dutch Parliament in The Hague. A meeting of the Commission for international relations. Discussion about solidarity with the democratic Iranian opposition, that braved a few months ago the brutal suppression by the Iranian Government and its militias.
Mr. Raymond de Roon, MP for Mr. Wilders' PVV party has the floor.

About Raymond De Roon and his affiliations
Mr. De Roon is, up to now, one of the most educated members of what is commonly called the Wilders "gang" or "mafia" (for his party has no members and is led dictatorially by Geert Wilders). He has a fundamentalist Protestant background, was State-Prosecutor at several locations, and, as a student in the Seventies, joined a militia linked to the Gladio Network, that had as its objective to spread terrorism against Governments that were (in the Gladio vision) leaning too much to the left. Until his father forbade it.
Gladio is (or was) a network of former right-wing anti-Nazis and their kinsfolk in Europe, that, supported by NATO and CIA, infiltrated the Brigate Rosse in Italy, the RAF in Germany and the CCC in Belgium. All in the name of anti-Communism. So far, so good.

But Gladio started also to manipulate those terrorist organizations, for instance in 1977, when the Brigate Rosse took hostage and killed the president of the Italian Christian Democrats who was preparing a "historical compromise" with the big Communist Party of Italy for sharing Government responsibility. And more: During the left-leaning Den Uyl Government in Holland, the Dutch air force staged a Gladio-inspired intimidating overfly of the Parliament opening ceremony in The Hague (1975). And worse: It is commonly assumed that terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in Belgium (the Delhaize murders) and in Italy (the Milan and Bologna bombs, 1977) were also the work of De Roon's friends in the Gladio network and its associates.

The young Raymond was no more associated with Gladio at that point. He finished his studies and joined a fundamentalist protestant party in Holland (Wiki), became a party official, but quit his work as a prosecutor and his positions in the religious party in order to become an associate of Geert Wilders.
I say "associate", for, as it must be known by now, Geert Wilders' PVV "party" has no members, except Mr. W. himself. This particularity is not against the actual Dutch Law. It is the responsibility of former Dutch parliaments, that they have not established normal rules of accountability and transparency for parties that intend to participate in elections. Several European authorities have warned the Dutch, that this is not acceptable. Nevertheless, the European Parliament has since 2009, 9 Dutch PVV-members, who are not legitimately elected (Europeanly speaking) and make it their daily work to sabotage the European construction, sending the excess of their remunerations to the Wilders fund.

We return to November 23, in the Dutch Parliament at The Hague. The video is provided by Samerspace, who have made a series of odd PVV-interventions.

0:20 Raymond de Roon (RdR) The Government assumes incorrectly that a mitigated Islam is in existence.
And that there would be a peaceful Islam. Mr. President, there is NO such a thing as a peaceful Islam. Government would be well advised, when they would make that a central issue of their intervention in international fora.
0;45 Thus, not only condemn the suppression of the opposition in Iran, but also condemn the religion, the Islam, that inspires that suppression.
1:01 Another member of Parliament asks Mr. De Roon: But shouldn't we support those opposants?
And Mr. De Roon answers: "But they are also muslims. Yes, we should "facilitate" their actions. But nobody can guarantee, that they are not muslims...
1:47 RdR: Are they really engaged in overthrowing the Islamic Government, or are they only opposed to certain manifestations of it at this moment?"
1:53 RdR: I have seen few people who say: I am a Muslim and I want that in Iran there will be complete freedom.
2:02 Heckler: "You have seen few people, but you have seen them. Conclusion: They exist!"
RdR: That was an understatement. I did not see them!
2:22: (Opponent is outraged and stresses his point, that people, out of their creed (Islam) have risked their lives, that all this has been on TV over the whole world.)
2:47: RdR: Of course, I have seen those outrages of the regime. But I have not heard anybody of them (opposants) say, that they would like to leave Islam, that oppressive political ideology.
3:05: RdR: It is simply an affair of Muslims who are fighting amongst themselves.
3:12: RdR: I support, of course their resistance. But that does not mean, that I am trusting them. Finally, they may have fought for another shape of Islamic suppression. Iran will not be a modern, free, western society in that way.
3:27 (Opponent repeats, that people have been fighting for freedom and liberty to celebrate their religion in the way they want.)
3:44 RdR: I am not opposed to support Iranian people who fight against that despicable regime, but I am not convinced, that they would convert themselves and reject that despicable fascist ideology of Islam, that only gives birth to violence and terror.
I have not translated the interlaced comments from Samerspace.
I hope, you will understand, that Mr. Wilders' enterprise is inspired by hatred and supremacism.
Mr. Raymond De Roon is a staggering example for the loony-ism that Islamophobia generates.
Enjoy and think!
Is this the Europe you want?

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