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Monday, April 04, 2005

Bush's candidate for Pope

It is not easy, these times, to be an international pontiff. Look at Kofi Annan. Look at Mohammed Baradei. Or Hans Blix. What do they have in common? They are able, competent, mild people. And what more do they have in common? They are US Administration scapegoats. Blix left already. Baradei's and Annan's upcoming renominations are contested by the US. After the Bolton and Wolfowitz nominations to the UN and to the World Bank, we must expect a similar Bush strike for the Papacy. Regrettably, US RC Bishops are out of the question, because of the paedophile scandals. So, who shall it be? I bet on a Latino woman. If possible, braindead. We must all stand for the equality of all human beings, especially for the weakest. This is a golden opportunity for Compassionate Conservatism! A novelty in Roman Catholicism: a female Pope. And on top of that: one who does not speak up! Women can be chatterboxes, you know.

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