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Friday, April 29, 2005

IRAQ: Time for Apologies to the U.N. now!

February 2003 at the UN Security Council: Colin Powell makes his statement about Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). His allegations, all proven false since then, were based upon reports from the C.I.A., the Pentagon and his own State Department services. Vice-president Cheney's staff intervened during the three days of preparations for his speech.

Near the end of the year 2003, Powell says publicly for the first time, that he felt having been misled. A honest man and a loyal servant to his President. His suicidal loyalty was not rewarded by President Bush and his camarilla, as we know now.

Today, Powell is supported by a remarkable statement from another loyal servant to the President, former C.I.A. Director Charles Tenet (CNN News, 29 April 2005):

Former CIA Director George Tenet said he regretted assuring President Bush in 2002 that he had "slam dunk" evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

"Those were the two dumbest words I ever said," Tenet told about 1,300 people at a Kutztown University forum Wednesday.

The theory was a leading justification for the war in Iraq.

Such weapons were never found.
The scandalous and disgraceful U.S. intervention before the Security Council, before the eyes of the whole world, was never followed up by an update, in spite of the U.S. reports on the non-existence of WMD in Iraq, published since then. On the contrary: Everybody who dared to oppose the U.S. Government's views on Iraq, has become "free game" for the ultraconservatives. Kofi Annan is smeared by means of the inquiry into the "Oil for Food" program, completely designed by the U.S. and the main profiteers and Saddam-stooges are US-related, too. If the international community remains silent, Annan's fate in 2006 will be that of Colin Powell in November 2004.

It is time for a counter-attack. The US owes an apology to the members of the Security Council and to the international public. It has to be given in public, in the same Security Council. And who could be a better person to convey it, than John Bolton, if confirmed as UN Ambassador. Who could imagine a more convincing proof of the existence of a "new" Bolton, if he would start his work at "strengthening" the UN with such an honorable act? No more misleading, no more lies, no more demagogy in the world's most important security gremium! The U.S. sets the Standard. Something to be proud of, as an American, and it costs nothing to the American taxpayer!!

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