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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

About my bloggings

Maybe, you'd like to find your way more easily in my blogging jungle. Here is your guide:

Dear S.,

You were interested in reading some of my interventions on the internet, C. said.
Well, here are some places:

My intention is to have a personal space at:
but that site has to be redeveloped and is actually in a very primitive state.

Meanwhile, I developed with, a professional site for European urban redevelopers (“E-Urban”), that thrills me more:

On E-Urban, you find:
where main developments in the profession are recorded (E/F/D/Nl), and:
for announcements of future meetings etc., and:
for definition of tools in urban redevelopment, and:
for words and expressions that represent evolutions and subtle deviations in the profession, plus:
where “profiles in competence” of men and women in the profession are being recorded.

For my ongoing work with the “URBACT” organisation, there is another blog on E-Urban:
and a personal urban weblog:

Pictures and images – galleries are at: and other places (see:)

Meanwhile, I had become involved in some wild blogging, at first at:
Toto Le Psycho, at a blogging service at the Le Monde paper (in French).
Afterwards I created a series of blogs at (Google):
[EN] At Home in Europe
[NL] In Europa Thuis:
[FR] L’Europe chez soi:
[DE] In Europa zu Hause:
and, to intervene somewhat in US-debates:
[EN] Legal Alien @ NY:
Soon, there will be also a special blog in Dutch, participating in the immigration debates in the country: [NL] De Lage Landen:
And, as I was looking for a location to communicate with family and close friends, I established a blog at MSN (“To The Lighthouse”): To The Lighthouse
Where some photo ops can be found, and where I ended in specialising in book (fiction) reviews.

But do not forget to visit the blog I founded at with Shana:
Le blog de Superchat
Plein d’enthousiasme et d’inventivitĂ© !


All that blogging is being reorganised, as explained recently on Toto Le Psycho (RĂ©organisation sur Huibs Net).


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