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Friday, May 04, 2007

Roaming Charges Alert! Governments are watering down the Cap...

The EP agreed. We warned here in At Home in Europe, that the Providers and the Governments could try to water the legislation down, invoking "transitional" mitigations.
That is, what happens now.
The German telecoms Minister two weeks ago, suddenly announced that he wants the cap on 65 cents, and not at 40 or 35 cents as the EP had decided.
As Germany is EU President at this moment, this is a grave move.
The Minister maintained his view in a Strasbourg meeting with the EP commission.
The Financial Times commented some days ago, that European consumers have to forget the illusion, that they may call home this summer at reasonable rates.
The article cites not so much the Minister as well the Company representatives, who, expectedly, argue, that
  • their losses would be unbearable, if a cap as originally decided would be imposed,
  • they need a transitional phase of several years, in order to reorganise...
There are practically no reactions from the public.
That should change.
Trade Unions, consumer organisations, committees have to act. NOW!
National parliaments must ask their Governments to be transparent in their positions, and, when necessary, impose on them a vote in favour of the original EC proposals!

There is no justification for political parties and social organisations to stay passive, and, when the decision will have been taken, start to balk at the European Union. The moment to position oneself is: NOW! Even if, as it happens, this means siding with the European Union and its Commission.
Do not join certain governments, who like to make, at any occasion, the EU (the EC) a scapegoat for all what goes wrong...

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