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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sarkozy won. A fundamental change?

I wasn't a fan of Ségolène. I saw her performing once, in 1994, on a meeting in Bourgogne, of young entrepreneurs. Horrible.
But I preferred her to Nicolas Sarkozy, you'll understand.
Now, five years of Sarkozism must be taken into account in France.
The New-Labour-Fans expect a friend who modernises France's economy. You should not be too sure about that. He is a French nationalist and his actions are limited by the forceful French Trade Unions. My expectations are, that he won't change so much.
Anyhow, in order to change the suburban neighbourhoods, you need emancipatory workers.
There are some, terrible, in France. He'll have to use them, if he wants to show any real progress.
That is what keeps me going, tonight. France won't change so much. You'll see...

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