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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ulfkotte admits errors and returns to "naive professor" acting

Interview with Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, four days ago:
Which other errors did he admit during the break near to the end of the movie?
Maybe, he mentioned his expensive and futile lawsuits against German bloggers, who warned the public against him and his "errors"? We will never know.

We found the YouTube film on the excellent "Yelloman" blog ("Extreme Right in Flanders - weblog against hate and racism"). [In Dutch/Flemish]. Yellow is the favourite nationalist Flemish colour. And "yell" indicates the way in which the Vlaams Belang usually prefers to communicate.

Today, the same Blog was extremely quick in posting images of the Vlaams-Belang dominated former Ulfkotte manifestation in Brussels. The announced 20.000, plus 10.000 people from North America and Asia that Ulfkotte announced repeatedly, were shrunken to a mere 200, fifty of whom were arrested. Vlaams Belang leaders Dewinter en vanhecke were among those.

I publish that movie (in Dutch) today in In Europa Thuis.

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