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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ulfkotte defines himself as "Gang" Leader

"Brussels 9/11 Gang Shop"

Is this a bad joke? Have another "gang" come up to disturb the German Dr. Ulfkotte's peaceful and civilised plans for September 11 in Brussels? Or Cologne? Or both?
Fact is, that Ulfkottes Pax Europa Website links to a Leipzig store, where, under the exclusive responsibility of himself, anti-islamist "gang"-distinctives are being sold for exorbitant prices.

The Web is a jungle. Some hackers could have done, what Ulfkotte's allies like "Pro Köln" and "Vlaams Belang" did, in organising their own parallel demonstrations op 9/11 in Brussels and in Cologne.
Or is it maybe the MOSSAD? In 2001, Ulfkotte published an anti-Mossad book ("Gen-factor 'J'"), where he invents a biologic extermination plot by this Israeli secret service against Europe and the European Union. Since then, Ulfkotte turned tables, and defends "judeo-christian values" against the Islam. But the Mossad doesn't forget, who their enemies are...
Whatever - if it is a joke, it is a good one!

Go with me on some windowshopping in Ulfkotte's 98 pieces devotionalia collection:

Show everyone, that your gang thinks that peaceful Brussels Turks are plotting to impose a sharia that doesn't exist since a long time in their home country:
Messenger Bag

strapazierfähige Tasche aus 100% Polyester


inkl. MwSt. EU
zzgl. Versand

19,60 €
You think this is not value for money? Yes, the baggy is expensive. And delivery costs have to be added. But you have to remember, that Pax Europa needs money badly. Their lawyers ask every time for more. For instance, in procedure against a blogger who only linked to a site where Ulfkotte was characterised as a "racist".

The owners of the "Spreadshirt" Firm's website were aware of Dr. Ulfkotte's idea of responsibilities. That is why, on their "Impressum" page, reject any responsibility for the childish provocations of Dr. Ulfkotte. Here is their text:

Für diesen Online-Shop verantwortlich im Sinne des Presserechts ist:

Udo Ulfkotte

Postfach 2249
35532 Wetzlar

harleybike at

Die Verantwortung des oben genannten Shop-Betreibers gilt insbesondere für sämtliche in diesem Shop veröffentlichte Druck-Motive sowie für die optische Gestaltung des Shops.

[Ulfkotte's picture was added by us]

Technische Realisierung:

Dieser Onlineshop wird auf einer von Spreadshirt zur Verfügung gestellten Plattform betrieben. Spreadshirt ist verantwortlich für den technischen Shopbetrieb sowie die Bestellabwicklung, nicht aber für die Inhalte des Shops.

Mit einer Bestellung in diesem Online-Shop geht der Besteller ausschließlich einen Vertrag mit der AG [Wer sind das? HR] ein, nicht jedoch mit dem oben stehenden Shop-Betreiber. Für die Bestellung gelten ausschließlich die AGB der AG.

End of quote.
"In ordering something at this online-shop, the orderer enters only into an agreement with the Ltd, and not with the managers and owners of this on-line shop."

We continue our window shopping tour at Dr. Ulfkotte's souvenir shop.

Do you like pins? - Here is one! No, it doesn't show President Bush adoring an oil barrel, stupid!
Dr. Ulfkotte presumably meant a Muslim, praying at a gas dispenser.
But, more subtly, one could subsume a link to Dr. Ulfkotte himself. As an Africa-correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung during the nineties, he was accused of accepting bribes from oil-company SHELL. However, this accusation was invalidated, when the FAZ won in court against the accusers.

Ffünf Stück für nur 5.80 €, zzgl Versand!
Die feine Humor des Dr. Ulfkottes (Verantwortlicher für die Gestaltung) ist unwiderstehlich!

The "Gangs" of boys and girls who were to march through the Brussels streets, would have been dressed up by Dr. Ulfkotte and his wife who is treasurer of the Pax Europa Organisation like this:
Kostet 61,40 €!!

And don't forget your umbrella, "bad boys": 13,40 €!

For the girls, no not a headscarf, but this woollen cap: € 13,40!

Oder eine kleine Börse? - Nur € 20,10 (zzgl Versand)?

The same handbag, but now with an inscription against "Freddy" (Thielemans), the Brussels mayor? - Only 20.10 Euros, delivering costs to be added!

Dr. Ulfkotte did not forget about you, beer and wine drinkers! Only 15.90 € apiece!!

Ulfkotte says so himself: I am a "gang"-leader...

"Do I resemble a hooligan?", Udo Ulfkotte asked the journalists, when, on August 17, he was found in Vlaams-Belang-leader Philip Dewinter's parliamentary offices, talking with that extremist in person.
Indeed, the gang leader had dressed as a "Hochschullehrer" (professor) for that occasion.

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