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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Afoe: Going Dutch in Afghanistan

[AHIE: §NL+§INT] My preferred EuroBlog "A Fist Full of Euros" (Afoe) publishes at 17/01/06: The battle of Wobbly Knee: Dutch troops in Afghanistan.
Are the Americans, who badly want to shift well-trained troops from Afghanistan to Iraq, getting a "Dutch treat"? There is more to it, although the Dutch performance is skittish and lamentable.
On my blog in Dutch: "In Europa thuis", I went three times into this during the last week. But that is reserved to the few among you, who read and understand Dutch. I also posted two comments on "Afoe": one about the Washington background of the tragicomedy, and another on the role of Dutch parliamentary parties in the decision-making (expected at February 2).
This debate illustrates some fundamental points in the actual USA-EU relations, within or outside of NATO. And it reveals the measure of partisan infighting among conservatives in Washington, and how that affects Europe.

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