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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

CIA-camps: EU Governments KNEW

Stitching truths from Switzerland (Vierwaldstättersee, Summer 2003)

Today, EU-Observer confirms from Switzerland that EU-governments must have known for at least 2 years about the illegal CIA-activities (renditions, secret flights, torture camps) in Europe.
Swiss Senator Dick Marty is leading a Council of Europe inquiry into the matter.

Speaking to journalists in Switzerland on Friday (13 January) Mr Marty accused European leaders of "shocking" passivity, arguing they knew about illegal detaining and transporting of prisoners taking place on their soil, media reports say.

"Since two, three years, the countries know what is happening. There are countries that have collaborated actively, and there are others who have tolerated. Others have simply looked the other way," Mr Marty told Swiss television channel TRS.
This confirms exactly what I said on December 7, 2005 in my blog Legal Alien @ NY ("Rice in Europe"):

If Europe, under the same danger, the same risks as the US, would have been able to take some responsability, it would have condemned, for sure, those actions, but, at the same time, it would have proposed a better procedure, under international responsability. But we failed to do so. We avoided the necessary interior debate, but tried to keep both sides quiet: At one side, the outraged population of our lands, saying to them, that we were not part of it (torture), and, at the other, telling the Americans, that they have nothing to fear, as long as they do not go public.
If that is not hypocritical, I do not know, what is.
Today, the hypocrites are being exposed. It will stitch. An indignant public reaction will not help us much. For our Governments and Parliaments do reflect our own hypocrisy and provincial narrowness in a dangerous, "global", world. It would be self-justification and hypocrisy to a second degree.

In order to live up to this situation, we'll have to look first at what is really happening before our eyes. Who are the hidden players? What may be their intentions?

That is for a second post, today: EU and CIA - The Embarrassment of Stitches.

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